3 Replies to “Use NightWidget to view data on your Android phone (Optional)

  1. All I did to get this to work was open the app, click red camera icon, navigate to your azure website, Click big red camera button on bottom of app. Then click big check mark at top right. Then exit the app. Go to home screen, keep finger on screen until prompted to add a widget, scroll down looking for websnap widget, select the size you want. When widget is on your home screen click on the ‘Settings Icon’ looks like a ‘gear’ symbol. Then again, navigate to your webpage, use camera icon again, then check mark again, and you should have your data now displayed on your home page.

  2. There is some issues with the android 5, after few hours 8-12 the widget is freezing and is not updating him self, the only option is to change the acceptance of disclaimer to off wait one min and set it on again.
    tested on 2 different phones (Htc one M8 and Samsung galaxy s5)
    hope this wil be fixed with a new release.

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