Restart in Azure

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Restart in Azure
Sometimes after Azure has been down or Mlab has been down (either for a planned update or a temporary problem), you may need to restart your site in Azure to make it work again. (<strong>Note:</strong> Not everyone finds this step necessary. You do this step if you find that your site is not working.) If your uploader seems to be working, and you believe Mlab and Azure are fine (in terms of status/outages/maintenance periods), but you are not getting data to your Nightscout site, <strong>a restart is an easy and safe thing to try</strong>. (<strong>Note:</strong> Nightscout app users may also notice a red upload button when a restart is needed.) <h2>Restart in Azure</h2> <ol> <li style="padding-bottom: 15px;"><strong>Log into your Azure account.</strong></li> <li style="padding-bottom: 15px;"><strong>Click the name of your site to open the app in Azure.</strong> (Your Azure Portal may load with a "Dashboard" view of all apps and services related to your account. Select your site from the list.)</li> <li style="padding-bottom: 15px;"><strong>Click the "restart" button that appears at the top.</strong><a href=""><img class="wikiImage" src="" alt="azure-restart" width="587" height="184" /></a></li> <li style="padding-bottom: 15px;"><strong>Confirm you want to restart the site.</strong><a href=""><img class="wikiImage" src="" alt="azure-restart2" width="319" height="139" /></a></li> <li style="padding-bottom: 15px;"><strong>Wait a full 10-12 minutes</strong> to allow time for the site to fully restart. <li style="padding-bottom: 15px;"><strong>Reload your Nightscout site</strong> to see if it has started working.</li> </ol>

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