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17 Jul
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These Set Up Guides are being deprecated. For current installation instructions, please visit this link. 

Install Guides

Please read through the install guide for the setup you need before you proceed to setup your system.

There is no support or any warranty of any kind. The quality and performance of the project is with you. This is a project that was created and is supported completely by  volunteers.


All information, thought, and code described here is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Use of code from is without warranty or support of any kind.
Each element of the system can fail at any time rendering the system unusable. There is no password protected privacy or security provided by these tools; all data you upload can be available for anyone on the Internet to read if they have your specific URL to view your data. Please review the LICENSE found within each repository for further details. This is not a project of the Dexcom company. Nightscout has no affiliation with Dexcom.
Do not use any of the Nightscout information or code to make medical decisions.

Is This Project For Me?

No programming experience is required, but there are several caveats to be aware of:

  • Installation can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to several hours, but it can be done incrementally at your own pace (you do not have to do it start-to-finish once you begin).
  • Data may go missing without warning
  • Data may be absent
  • Data may be wrong
  • Data may be delayed
  • Data systems can and will go offline making your system inoperable
  • You may void your warranty
  • You may break something

For all these reasons and more, it is important you carefully consider whether or not this project is right for you. The best way to prepare yourself for a project of this nature is to:

  • Follow the the installation guides carefully
  • Be comfortable configuring and installing your own system

Having this understanding will prepare you to get help from the entire community quickly. There is a community on Facebook with members who are parents of children with T1, partners of T1, and people with T1 from all experience levels who will help you get up to speed on understanding and installing this tool. Some may be able to help you experiment with new features or different deployment techniques. All of these individuals are volunteers.

No one is getting paid to provide support for the Nightscout project.  Every person offering suggestions to resolve any issues you may encounter is a volunteer offering solutions they’ve learned through personal experience with setting up their own Rig.

If you need help, be prepared to describe the issue you are having completely (what you were doing at the moment you had an issue, what you were doing before you saw the problem) along with screen shots of the errors or screens you are stuck on and the error code you received.

Only post your request for help ONCE with a new post on the Facebook group.  If you are not getting any responses, bump your post to the top of the page with a response to your own post.  You will receive a LOT of suggestions for solving the problem.

4 Replies to “Setup Guides

  1. I just stumbled on this in the Pebble app listing, and while I haven’t yet set it up, it looks very promising. I’m particularly interested in getting the graph onto Google Glass. Ideally, it would go from the receiver to an Android device and from there to Glass over Bluetooth without a trip to the cloud in between. I’ve done some Glass development and will look into this when I’m less busy (perhaps in a month or so.)

    One thing that I’d really like to have, is an early missed bolus detector. This would be a program which looks at the Dexcom’s graph and also has data entered into it when a bolus is given, and looks for cases where BG suddenly starts rising but no bolus was recorded. That might mean a missed bolus, and detecting and notifying about that automatically would be quite valuable.

  2. Right now, the “normal” process is to use the cloud as an intermediary. There are certainly lots of development options. I’d suggest you search for Nightscout on GitHub and start poking around your own branch of the code!


  3. We have changed the receiver and transmitter of dexcom. We cannot read anything in Azure now. Is that the problem? Please help

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