Mongo 3 Temporary Workaround

5 Oct

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Mongo 3 Temporary Workaround
We are aware that following the Mongo 3 update, Mongolab has been having issues and is working on solutions. In the meantime, we have a <em>shared</em> mongo database running version 2.6 that you are welcome to use if you are continually having issues with REST API upload stopping and starting intermittently. This solution will allow you to use mongodb upload from your uploader app (instead of REST API upload). Items of note: <ul> <li><strong>This is a shared DB.</strong> If you have privacy concerns, this workaround is <strong>not</strong> the solution for you.</li> <li>You will be <strong>unable</strong> to use Care Portal (and any related features).</li> <li>Device status will <strong>not</strong> function. (You will not see the uploader battery % on your site.)</li> </ul> Still interested? <strong><a href="">Sign up here</a></strong> so we can contact you with the URI and database information, and with notifications when better solutions become available. It is critical that you provide your <em>real</em> email address. After filling out the form, <strong>you will be emailed instructions on how to revert back to a mongo based setup.</strong> Please realize that the process is not automated, and you will need to wait for a support team member to be available to provide the information you need to get set up. Please contact a NS support team member if you have any issues: <ul> <li>Kyle Cross</li> <li>Crystal Chrisman </li> <li>Melanie Clegg</li> <li>Amy Cowen</li> <li>Robyn Curtis</li> <li>Kate Farnsworth</li> <li>Marybeth Helfrich</li> <li>Rachel Sandlain</li> <li>Wes Ton</li> <li>Wendy Youngson</li> </ul> <br /><br />

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