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  1. I posted a question about this on the facebook group, but I also just re-read this setup guide. Am I reading correctly that for now pushover is only sending notifications for entries using the careportal and not for high or low thresholds being hit?

  2. I got the care portal installed…up and running. Confused about how to get the info entered pushed to my watch. Pushover is installed and keys established. Still confused where I need to input those to get it functional.

    Also, were you saying you needed a screenshot of setup in mongo from me?

    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks,

  3. Jessica: Yes, currently pushover is only used for care portal entries, I’m sure it will be extended.

    Travis: To have pushover display on the pebble you need to configure the notifications it’s a little different for iOS and Android. For Android you configure the pebble notifications in the Pushover app, for iOS pushover it’s less flexible, either all notification center notification are sent to the pebble or none are sent

    • Travis, I identify with your question.
      Jason, thanks for the answer but I was still confused so I post this in case there’s anyone else out there that’s as slow as me

      …for pushover notifications to work your azure site will contain this in the app section just above the connection string section:
      ENABLE careportal
      API_SECRET 12characterminimum
      PUSHOVER_USER_KEY thenyourreallylonguserkeythatsfullofnonsensehere
      PUSHOVER_API_TOKEN abunchmoregarbagethatmakesnosensebutissomhowatoken

      at least, that’s what I did anyway and I tested it on my nightscout page and got the notification on my phone
      I was looking at my mongolab site and it turned out that I didn’t need to go there at all

      • Apparently although these work in the app section they should be set in the connection strings section instead.

    • I downloaded pushover to my iPhone… everything works and I got the care portal notification on my iPhone, BUT… if I am understanding correctly, and if I want the care portal push notifications to come to the Pebble, I have to set ALL notifications for ALL apps on my iPhone to come to my Pebble?

      Can I install the pebble and pushover apps on my android uploader phone and have them set up to send care portal info to my watch if I’m not the one wearing the rig? My daughter will have the rig with the android uploader at school with her… just want to be sure that if I upload and set up the android that stays with her the way I just did it all on my iPhone, that it will send still… please let me know.

      This is AWESOME!! 🙂

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