What do the DIY Support Error Codes Mean?

25 Aug

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What do the DIY Support Error Codes Mean?
The <a href="http://www.nightscout.info/DIYSupport" target="_blank">DIY Support </a>system is designed to return an error code at each possible end point. These codes are: <ol> <li>An Error with OTG Functionality, including a bad cable, or possibly a phone that does not support OTG.</li> <li>Error with network connection indicating that the phone does not seem to be reaching the internet.</li> <li>Errors with the Nightscout App Mongolab Strings on the Android Phone</li> <li>Errors with the Azure deployment of GitHub</li> <li>Errors with the MONGO string in Azure (NOT the Collection)</li> <li>Errors with the MONGO_COLLECTION string in Azure, NOT the MONGO</li> <li>Nightscout Remote Monitor has not been deployed to Azure</li> <li>Azure use has gone over one of the daily caps</li> <li>Errors with the Nightscout app and firewalls. Typically the wifi needs to open up the mongolab port.</li> <li>The Dexcom G4 does not have enough data to properly download to the Android app (Approximately 15 minutes or 3 readings worth.)</li> </ol> Please leave a comment if something is not clear.

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