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2 Feb
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Access to blood glucose values, your own or a T1Ds, on a watch is an unparalleled feature for many people. The great news is that there are options for every setup and for Pebble (all varieties), AndroidWear, Apple Watch, and more.

Note: Pebble (a popular watch option in the CGM in the Cloud/Nightscout community) was acquired by FitBit in December 2016. Pebble watches currently still work, but there will be no more updates to the Pebble app. If your phone updates, and the Pebble app no longer works, you may have a problem. Nightscout Foundation representatives have been in contact with FitBit to talk about future direction/options.

The watchface you need (or can use) depends first on the kind of CGM in the Cloud setup you have and then on the type of watch.

Nightscout Users

If you are using Nightscout, you can use any of the following watchfaces:

Pebble (any style)

Pebble (Time series)

Pebble (Classic, Steel, Time, or Time Steel)

  • Nightscout or CGM in the Cloud (These used to be the same face. Today, there are slight differences. The CGM in the Cloud face offers both types of raw data.)


Apple Watch



Nightscout Careportal

The CarePortal app for Pebble allows users to log CarePortal data (e.g., carbs, insulin, bg) directly from the Pebble. This data then appears on the Nightscout site and is factored into features like IOB, COB, etc.

Dexcom G4 Share or Dexcom G5

If you use Dexcom G4 Share (with iOS uploader or uploading from xDrip app to the Share servers) or Dexcom G5 (with Dexcom G5 Mobile app and iOS uploader), you can use any of the following watchfaces. Nightscout is not required to use these watchfaces:

Pebble (any style)

Pebble (Time series)


Apple Watch

xDrip Users

If you are using xDrip, you can have data sent directly to Pebble or AndroidWear.

The newest xDrip face for Pebble is part of xdrip Beta 6 and not downloadable separately. To use this new face, select “Send to Pebble” from the xDrip settings. You will be prompted to install the face and can configure the display options within xDrip settings.

See the Camping/Offline Mode section below for other options.

Camping/Offline Mode

For the T1D, the following options exist for users who wish to have CGM data sent directly from the uploader phone to the watch, without requiring an Internet connection. Both of these solutions are Android-only:

  • Pebble: NEW offline xDrip face (including trend line option!) — to use this face, install Beta 6 of xDrip and select “Send to Pebble” from the settings. You should be prompted to install the Pebble face, which is now included in the xDrip download. [This new face is not available for separate download.]
  • Pebble Time/Time Steel: xDrip (offline watchface for xDrip app users — older face)
  • Pebble Round: xDrip (for Round) (offline watchface for xDrip app users)
  • Pebble: Camping Mode (offline watchface for someone using the Nightscout uploader app) Note: you may need to install both the Pebble (old) and Pebble Time apps to make this older watchface work.

Gear Users

In the past, CGM watchfaces have not been available on Gear watches because Gear uses the Tizen operating system. A community member recently confirmed success using Wearable Widgets and the xDrip app widget. (This setup would be for a T1D wearing a Gear watch.) Followers may wish to try Wearable Widgets with the Nightwatch app widget. Nightwatch can be configured to follow Nightscout or Share/G5 data.

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