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  1. I found the required cables at Monoprice.com for a less than $7, including tax and shipping. Below is a copy of the receipt with part numbers for your reference.

    PID Product Qty. Qty BackOrder Unit Price Line Total Review
    5137 1.5ft USB 2.0 A Male to Micro 5pin Male 28/28AWG Cable 2 0 $0.64 $1.28 N/A*
    9724 Micro USB OTG Adapter 2 0 $1.43 $2.86 N/A*
    Subtotal : $4.14
    Discount : -$0.41
    Shipping & Handling Cost : $2.50
    Sales Tax : $0.50
    (for CA residents)
    Grand Total : $6.73

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