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  1. I just stumbled on this in the Pebble app listing, and while I haven’t yet set it up, it looks very promising. I’m particularly interested in getting the graph onto Google Glass. Ideally, it would go from the receiver to an Android device and from there to Glass over Bluetooth without a trip to the cloud in between. I’ve done some Glass development and will look into this when I’m less busy (perhaps in a month or so.)

    One thing that I’d really like to have, is an early missed bolus detector. This would be a program which looks at the Dexcom’s graph and also has data entered into it when a bolus is given, and looks for cases where BG suddenly starts rising but no bolus was recorded. That might mean a missed bolus, and detecting and notifying about that automatically would be quite valuable.

  2. Right now, the “normal” process is to use the cloud as an intermediary. There are certainly lots of development options. I’d suggest you search for Nightscout on GitHub and start poking around your own branch of the code!


  3. We have changed the receiver and transmitter of dexcom. We cannot read anything in Azure now. Is that the problem? Please help

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