Recording and Visualizing Exercise

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Recording and Visualizing Exercise
<h2>Tracking Exercise in Nightscout</h2> Exercise (or increased activity) can have a measurable impact on blood glucose values right away or hours later. With the <a href="/wiki/welcome/website-features/funnel-cake-0-8-features">Funnel Cake</a> 0.8.2 release, exercise entries made in CarePortal are visualized on the Nightscout graph as purple blocks. <h2>Logging Exercise</h2> To log a period of exercise (however you define it), choose <span class="redText">Exercise</span> from the Event Type dropdown menu in CarePortal. <a href=""><img src="" alt="exercise-eventtype" width="292" height="358" class="wikiImage" /></a> With the 0.8.2 release, available fields for a CarePortal entry automatically update based on the selected Event Type. After selecting <span class="redText">Exercise</span> as the event type, fill in the information about the exercise block to create the entry: <span class="redText">duration</span> (in minutes), <span class="redText">note</span> (type of exercise/activity), <span class="redText">time</span> (when the exercise block begins), etc. <a href=""><img src="" alt="exercise-entry-fill" width="286" height="296" class="wikiImage" /></a> After logging an exercise entry, the event will be shown as a visual block (purple) on the graph with a label taken from the <span class="redText">note</span> field of the entry. <a href=""><img src="" alt="exercise-visualization" width="400" height="220" class="wikiImage" /></a> Hovering your mouse over the exercise visualization will raise a popup tooltip with additional information<!-- (including duration)-->. <a href=""><img src="" alt="exercise-tooltip" width="491" height="222" class="wikiImage" /></a> <strong>Note:</strong> <span class="redText">duration</span> should be entered in minutes. If <span class="redText">duration</span> is left blank, the exercise entry will be recorded as a CarePortal entry but will <strong>not</strong> be shown on the graph as a visual (purple) block. <a href=""><img src="" alt="exercise-entry" width="297" height="311" class="redText" /></a> <h2>What Qualifies as Exercise?</h2> How you use the exercise entry type in CarePortal is completely up to you. Visualizing exercise alongside basal and blood glucose may help you spot trends and make adjustments. (<strong>Tip</strong>: you can use a similar approach with <span class="redText">Note</span> entries in CarePortal to show them on the graph.) <h2>Need to Make a Correction?</h2> You can edit exercise entries from the Treatments screen of the Reports section.

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