Basal and Temp Basal in Nightscout

1 Nov

Basal and Temp Basal Display in Nightscout

With the Funnel Cake 0.8.2 release, Nightscout users can now record temp basal settings as CarePortal entries and can toggle basal visualization on and off when viewing a Nightscout site.

Using Basal Features

Basal features in Nightscout use basal settings entered in the Treatment Profile. (See the Treatment Profile Editor.)

To display the basal pillbox on the site that shows the current basal value setting, basal must be enabled in your site settings (e.g., Azure or Heroku). To configure your basal profile, add basal to your existing string for the ENABLE variable, as shown below:


(Note for Azure users: set this variable in App Settings.)

Basal Visualization

The Nightscout site defaults to a display with basal visualization not shown on the graph. You can turn on basal visualization by clicking the settings panel icon (hamburger) in the top right of your screen and choosing None, Default, or Icicle from the Render Basal dropdown menu. After making your selection, click “save” at the bottom.


  • None: no basal visualization is shown.
  • Default: basal visualization is shown with solid basal line moving up or down to reflect increases or decreases in basal, respectively (e.g., an increase in temp basal will show as an increase of the line).
  • Icicle: basal visualization shown as an inverse of the default view (e.g., an increase in basal will display as a decrease of the line).

Site Default

The default site setting for basal visualization is none. You can change the default in your site settings (e.g., Azure or Heroku) by setting the BASAL_RENDER variable. Possible values: none, default, or icicle (inverted).


(Note for Azure users: set this variable in App Settings.)

Recording Temp Basals

To record a temp basal, choose Temp Basal Start from the Event Type dropdown menu in CarePortal. (If you do not have CarePortal enabled and wish to use this feature, you will need to enable CarePortal.)


Fill in the fields to record the temp basal: duration (in minutes), amount of change (percentage) or absolute basal value.


Note: depending on your pump, you may be used to setting basal values differently. For example, a t:slim user may set a temp basal of 150% rather than +50%. When making the CarePortal entry, you would enter 50—which is the amount of change (increase or decrease) from the regular basal. A 75% temp basal would be entered as -25 (the change is a decrease of 25%).

(Note: any temp basal setting that is a reduction in your basal will be entered as a negative value.)

Basal Visualization Examples

After saving the CarePortal entry, if basal visualization is turned on for the site, the temp basal will be shown as a difference in relation to the solid blue basal line.

The screenshots below show how positive (increase) and negative (decrease) temp basals are displayed when using the default or icicle visualization settings:



Ending a Temp Basal

You can end a temp basal early by selecting Temp Basal End from the Event Type dropdown menu in CarePortal and specifying the time for the basal to end.


Readme Information

Github readme information regarding the new basal visualization settings is shown below: