Admin Tools

1 Nov

Push-button Tools to Remove Future Data and Solve Stuck Battery % on Pebble

The Funnel Cake 0.8.2 release brings new Admin Tools to Nightscout:

  • Clear devicestatus collection records—this makes it easy (and risk-free) to reset the battery % indicator for your uploader phone.
  • Clear future data—future data occurs when a time mismatch happens between the phone and receiver. This problem can happen when changing time zones, when changing times due to Daylight Savings, when a device dies, or through simple error. Finding and removing the future data can now be handled easily.
  • Clear future treatments—find and remove (or edit) CarePortal entries that have been incorrectly entered with a future date/time.

Access Admin Tools

To access the Admin Tools, open the site settings panel (hamburger icon), and choose Admin Tools.


The Admin Tools will open in a new browser tab.


As described above, these tools helps automate steps that are frequently needed in managing a Nightscout site. Usage of the Admin Tools is self-explanatory. When using any of the tools, you will receive a popup confirmation screen before the request is processed.

(Note: your browser needs to be authenticated to use these tools. If your device is not authenticated, click the link to authenticate and enter you API_SECRET before attempting to use the tools.)