Use NightWidget to view data on your Android phone (Optional)

18 Jul
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If you view your Nightscout data on an Android phone, you can create a widget which will refresh the data and place it on one of the home screens and sounds alarms .



The most recent version of the Nightscout widget APK can be downloaded from the project releases page on GitHub.

API KEY in Mongolab

In order to use the Widget you need to login to your Mongo account to obtain the API Key associated with your user name.  Log in to the MongoLab management portal and click your username (not the account name) in the upper right-hand corner to open your account user profile


In the account details page scroll down and enable “Data API Access”

Once Data API access is enabled, your current API key will be displayed.  As this API  Key string is long it is recommended to copy and paste this into your Widget settings rather than type it directly


NightWidget Setup

After downloading the NightWidget place it on your home screen (press and hold).  To access the NightWidget settings click the green gear icon on bottom right of the widgets display (you may need to resize the widget to see the gear icon fully)




The following sections need to be completed:

  • “Monitor” you need to select Dexcom G4 or Medtronic.
  • “Widget Refresh Period” set to your preference
  • “SGV Metric” select mmol or mg/dl
  • “Data to show” tick the options you would like to see displayed on the widget




You can switch alarms on the widget and customise alert levels, sounds and vibrations



In order to connect to your database the following information needs to be entered into the NightWidget settings:

  • “MongoDB REST Upload” – this needs to be ON/enabled
  • “MongoDB URI” – needs to be entered in the format shown in the widget
  • “Database Name” – your mongo database name
  • “APIKEY” – this is obtained from your Mongolab account, instructions above
  • “Collection Name” – the name of your collection in your mongodb
  • “WEB URI” – the URL of your website

The values entered below are examples only – you need to use your specific information at each section



Move the “Disclaimer”  to enabled or ON



If you have set up all the information correctly they the widget should display bgl data on your home screen.  If not recheck that all information entered into the NightWidget settings is correct



3 Replies to “Use NightWidget to view data on your Android phone (Optional)

  1. All I did to get this to work was open the app, click red camera icon, navigate to your azure website, Click big red camera button on bottom of app. Then click big check mark at top right. Then exit the app. Go to home screen, keep finger on screen until prompted to add a widget, scroll down looking for websnap widget, select the size you want. When widget is on your home screen click on the ‘Settings Icon’ looks like a ‘gear’ symbol. Then again, navigate to your webpage, use camera icon again, then check mark again, and you should have your data now displayed on your home page.

  2. There is some issues with the android 5, after few hours 8-12 the widget is freezing and is not updating him self, the only option is to change the acceptance of disclaimer to off wait one min and set it on again.
    tested on 2 different phones (Htc one M8 and Samsung galaxy s5)
    hope this wil be fixed with a new release.

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