xDrip with G5 Support

21 Sep

Android Support for G5

Support for Dexcom G5 was officially merged to xDrip with xDrip Beta 6. G5 support has now been integrated in xDrip+.

Today, users pairing with G5 should use xDrip+:

Installing xDrip for use with Dexcom G5

To get started, read the following thoroughly before attempting to run or use the applicationxDripG5-Getting_Started

Device Support

Not all Android devices work reliably (or at all) with xDrip and G5. This document tracks devices successfully being used (for at least some users). (It is important to note that successful pairing and connection was inconsistent during the beta. Using one of the phones listed does not guarantee success).


It is recommended that those using xDrip/xDrip+ with G5 join the xDrip G5 Facebook group for support and how-to guides/documentation: