Nightscout Bridge for Dexcom G5

11 Jan

Using Dexcom G5 and the Nightscout Bridge

Users with a Dexcom G5 can use Nightscout by configuring the Dexcom G5 Mobile App to “Share” and setting up a Nightscout site with bridge variables. The Nightscout “bridge” site retrieves data that has been uploaded to the Share servers and stores it in your personal database for use on your Nightscout site.

Configuring the G5 App to Share

In order for a Nightscout site to have data, you must be uploading data (or “sharing”) from the Dexcom G5 Mobile App on the iOS device paired with the G5. (G4 Share users “share” using the Share 2 app. G5 users use the Dexcom G5 Mobile App.)

To configure the Dexcom G5 Mobile App to share, click the icon that appears on the far right of the four icons at the top of the Dexcom G5 Mobile App screen. (This icon appears in gray when the G5 is not configured to share.)


After clicking the icon shown above, follow the on-screen prompts to set up and/or log into the Dexcom account and begin “sharing” your G5 CGM data.

When the G5 is configured to Share, the icon on the far right will be shown in color:


(Note: To be actively sharing, the Dexcom G5 Mobile App must show the Share icon in full color and must be showing a current blood glucose value.)

If there is a problem with the Share feature, the Share icon will be shown in gray with a red notification:


Once your G5 is successfully sharing data, you can use the Dexcom Follow app (if available for your device) or one of a variety of smartwatch solutions. Please consult the CGM Watchfaces page to view options. You can also set up Nightscout to enable viewing of G5 data from any Internet-connected browser.

Setting Up a Nightscout Bridge Site

Please consult the step-by-step directions for setting up a Nightscout bridge site. In creating your bridge, you will do the following:

  • Create a Mongolab account and database.
  • Create a Github account and a copy of the CGM-Remote-Monitor.
  • Create an Azure or Heroku site.
  • Configure your site’s connection strings (mongo information).
  • Set the bridge variables (BRIDGE_USER_NAME and BRIDGE_PASSWORD).
  • Configure the ENABLE variable with the value bridge.
  • If you are outside of the U.S., set the BRIDGE_SERVER variable.
  • Deploy your site using the Github repository.
  • Create an Uptime Robot account (if using Azure).

Directions for setting up the Nightscout site and configuring the bridge variables appear here.

Troubleshooting a Nightscout Bridge Site

Your site should be black with time and dashes when you load it in a browser. It may say “undefined” in the top right until it gets data for the first time.

If your site does not receive data after 15-20 minutes, first verify that the G4 with Share or G5 is actively sharing data. The most common problem with a Nightscout bridge configuration is a problem with the Dexcom user information. The BRIDGE_USER_NAME should be the username for the G5 (or “Share”) account. This is not an email address.

(Note: If your Nightscout site appears white or blank, your deployment may have failed. Check the deployment status and redeploy, as necessary, until the deployment is successful.)