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10 Feb
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(Thank you to Sarah Davies for assistance with directions and screenshots for this resource.)

Using Nightscout with FreeStyle Libre

To use Nightscout with FreeStyle® Libre, you will need the following:

  • A working FreeStyle Libre system
  • A working Nightscout site
  • An Android device that has NFC capability
  • The Glimp app (for Android)

FreeStyle Libre

To learn more about FreeStyle Libre, visit For questions regarding using the FreeStyle Libre system, you may wish to join the Abbott Freestyle Libre users Facebook group.

Setting Up a Nightscout Site

If you already have an existing Nightscout site, skip this section and continue with Existing Nightscout Users below.

If you do not yet have a Nightscout site, you will need to create one. Setting up a site involves the following steps:

  1. Create a Mongolab account and database.
  2. Create a Github account and a copy of the CGM-Remote-Monitor.
  3. Create an Azure or Heroku site.
  4. Configure your site’s connection strings (mongo information) as part of setting up Azure or Heroku.
  5. Set an API_SECRET in Azure under Connection Strings (or in Heroku settings):

    The API_SECRET is a passphrase you make up. The API_SECRET value must be a minimum 12 characters. To set the API_SECRET, enter API_SECRET in the first box in the next blank row in Connection Strings in Azure (or in Heroku settings). Enter your API_SECRET value (the value you choose for this “passphrase”) in the next box. Select “Custom” for the type. Be sure to save in Azure.


  6. ENABLE careportal in Azure (Settings / App Settings) or Heroku (Settings). (Note: you can enable multiple Nightscout features, but it is important that you only have a single ENABLE variable. Any features or plugins you are enabling go in a space-delimited list, as shown below. Either of these entries would be valid:



    Be sure to save in Azure.

  7. Deploy your site using the Github repository.

(To avoid confusion with other setups, it is recommended that you do each step above and return to this setup list for the next step. Note: You will complete several of the steps above during the setup of the Azure website.)

Existing Nightscout Users

If you already have a working Nightscout site, please ensure the following before continuing:

  • CarePortal is enabled in Azure (or Heroku). (If you do not have the ENABLE variable that includes careportal in the value, see the directions above for adding this to your site configuration. Note: only one ENABLE variable is allowed.)
  • You have an API_SECRET set in Azure (or Heroku). (If you do not have an API_SECRET set, see the directions above for adding this to your site configuration.)

Uploading FreeStyle Libre Data to Nightscout with Glimp

In order for a Nightscout site to have data, you must be uploading data from FreeStyle Libre to the cloud. Glimp is an Android app that can read FreeStyle Libre data (using your Android’s NFC capability) and upload it to Nightscout. To set up and configure Glimp to work with Nightscout, do the following:

  1. Download and install Glimp from the Google Play Store.
  2. Configure Glimp to work with your FreeStyle Libre system. Then configure the upload to Nightscout, as follows:
  3. In the Glimp app, select Menu by tapping the 3 dots in the top right. Select Options.

  4. Select Remote Glucose Monitoring.

  5. On the Remote Glucose Monitoring screen, enter your Nightscout URL.

  6. Enter your API SECRET. (Note: The API SECRET must match what you set in Azure or Heroku during the configuration of your Nightscout site.)

  7. Click the button to “test” the connection to your Nightscout site.

  8. If the test is successful, Glimp is now properly configured for use with Nightscout.

The following screenshot shows a Nightscout site (viewed through the iOS Nightscout viewer application) depicting FreeStyle Libre data: