2 thoughts on “Nightscout Near You: UK

  1. I’m in the UK my eight year old son is T1. Could you give me a rough idea of the initial cost of purchasing Nightscout please? Also if there is any monthly cost,
    It sounds a wonderful devise that would really make things a lot easier here. I’m disabled and have mobility problems. I check my sons bloods 3 times throughout the night which can be a challenge but I’d never not check “just in case”.
    My son is on a metronic pump which is working out great but he hates pricking his fingers. We test at least 13 times on average in 24hours so his fingers are sore. The Nightscout would allow him a full unbroken nights sleep as I wouldn’t be waking him by pricking his fingers.

    I’m excited to read the reply to this comment.

    Many thanks

    Kirsty Mckinnon

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