Treatment Profile Editor

3 Sep
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Treatment Profile Editor

Funnel Cake introduces a new Treatment Profile Editor that makes it easy to create or edit your custom profile. Features like IOB, COB, and BWP rely on individual values set in the Treatment Profile. Funnel Cake adds new support for time-based I:C ratios, Insulin Sensitivity, and basal settings.

To access the Profile Editor, click the Site Settings Panel (hamburger icon), and click Profile Editor button to launch the editor.


Before you can start to enter information, you need to authenticate the device by clicking Authenticate


You need to enter your API_SECRET that is defined in your Azure “App Settings”


There are several sections to complete on the treatment profile:

  • General patient profile settings – stores timezone and insulin duration
  • Insulin to carb ratio – you can define multiple time based ICR’s
  • Insulin Sensitivity Factor – you can define multiple time based ISF’s
  • Carbs – Carbs activity / absorption rate
  • Basal rates –  you can define multiple time based basal rates
  • Target BG range – you can define multiple time based target ranges

General patient profile settings:


Ensure that you have timezone, duration of Insulin action, and profile valid date set correctly.

Insulin to carb ratio/Insulin Sensitivity Factor/Basal rates/Target BG range settings:

You can set multiple time-based values by clicking the green + icon; use the red cross to delete an entry.


Once you have finished entering your data, click on the “Update record” button on the bottom of the screen.  You will see a message above the “Update record” button and at the top right of the screen indicating that the upload was a “Success.”