Nightscout Near You: UK

28 Sep
UP AND RUNNING IN THE UK We know that the majority of Nightscout users are based in the US and for that reason the website is currently focused on dealing with those users. You will see reference to US specific...
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How to Deploy an Older Version of Nightscout

1 Aug
If some of your devices don’t meet Nightscout’s current requirements, or some other aspect of the latest version doesn’t work for you and you’d like to roll it back, you can deploy an earlier version of the code. This guide...
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Glossary of Techie Terms

5 Sep
Glossary: Azure Website: a website hosting service that allows you to view the Dexcom values on a website.  You will create your own personal website as part of the install process.  The website will then be accessed after the install process...
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Your Nightscout Website Features

13 Jan
From this page you will find the following information: Your Website Features Customizing your Website Customizing the Alarms & Levels Changing the Default Measurement to MMOL Setting up Care Portal Habanero (0.10) The current version of the Nightscout website is...
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Mongo Direct Upload

14 Sep
Previous Nightscout installations were set up with MongoDB as the method of upload. As of 30 September 2015 with the upgrade to mongo 3.0 – API Upload (REST) is the upload method required.  This information is here for legacy purposes and in the...
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How to do a full restart of your Nightscout rig.

12 Dec
This can be a useful step in troubleshooting a previously working rig if you have explored all other options and cannot identify the problem 1. Gently unplug your cable from the Uploader phone. 2. Completely turn off your Uploader phone....
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