What to do if my Azure account had been disabled

2 Jan
Your Azure subscription can become disabled if you reach the spending limit, if payment of an invoice is delinquent, if the Azure account is cancelled, or if there is evidence of fraud. To reactivate a subscription, you must submit a...
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Nightscout Installation

17 Jul
Now you know how the system works, and the pieces involved. Ready to build your Nightscout rig? The steps below will get you up and running on your own DIY Nightscout installation. Each step builds on the last, and walks...
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BWP (Bolus Wizard Preview)

10 Sep
BWP (Bolus Wizard Preview) is a plugin feature of the Funnel Cake (0.8.x) release. The purpose is to automatically snooze high blood sugar alarms when there is active IOB. A secondary goal is to alert the user that it may...
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Update My Fork / Troubleshooting Part 1

3 Sep
If you encountered errors using the “Update My Version” link to update your Github repository, please follow these troubleshooting steps. The steps will walk you through the following: Steps Overview (details are below): Delete and refork your repository Alternate instructions:...
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What Does this Error Code Mean?

11 Aug
Dexcom uses CGM readings 1-12 to designate different errors that you only see as ???. While these will only show ??? on the Dex, on your uploader, or on your Nightscout site, or your Pebble watch they will show a number....
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Using a Custom Watch Face

2 Aug
For some users, the default Nightscout watchface from the Pebble e-store isn’t quite enough. In that case, you’ll need to use these steps to add in a custom face. Here is how to compile a new one for yourself: On...
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Nightscout Near You: Australia

12 Nov
NIGHTSCOUT USERS IN AUSTRALIA   We know that the majority of Nightscout users are based in the US and for that reason the website is currently focused on dealing with those users. You will see reference to US specific suppliers...
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