Battery information not updating on website

15 Oct
If your uploader phones battery data is not correctly being displayed on your website and/or Pebble you can fix this by removing records from your mongolab database in the devicestatus collection. If you are running Funnel Cake 0.8.2  you can...
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xDrip with G5 Support

21 Sep
Android Support for G5 Support for Dexcom G5 was officially merged to xDrip with xDrip Beta 6. G5 support has now been integrated in xDrip+. Today, users pairing with G5 should use xDrip+: Download xDrip+ (Nightscout Foundation xDrip+ repository) Installing...
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Interpreting raw Dexcom data

13 Feb
Introduction This document describes how to understand and interpret raw Dexcom data on your Nightscout website. Raw data can provide additional useful information, but only when properly understood. Make sure you understand what you are looking at before you incorporate...
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How to Migrate from an Azure-hosted Mongo database

12 Feb
This lab is specifically targeted for Nightscout users with a single website and Mongo database hosted on Azure. There have been numerous outages with Azure-hosted Mongolab servers. Migrating your database away from Azure should reduce your Nightscout downtime. The lab...
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Nightscout Bridge for Dexcom

11 Jan
This guide is no longer current. Please follow this guide instead. Using Dexcom G4-with-Share, G5, or G6 and a Nightscout Bridge Users with a Dexcom G5 can use Nightscout by configuring the Dexcom G5 Mobile App to “Share” and setting...
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How Do You Get Your CGM in the Cloud?

24 Apr
  (Click here to view the full-size image.)   Because #wearenotwaiting, the available options for getting your CGM in the Cloud have proliferated in recent weeks. There are several approaches you can take, starting with what receiver or CGM you...
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Troubleshoot a White Screen

30 Sep
A white screen sometimes happens after a re-deployment or site update. If you are sure your white screen is not related to a mongo string error, typical during the creation of a new site, the following steps may be necessary...
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Using Auto Configure for REST API

22 Sep
You can use the auto configure tool to sync your upload settings in your uploader app. This is one way to easily set up REST API and ensure you get the proper syntax for the string. To use the auto...
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3 Sep
Funnel Cake introduces display of current basal rate with pillbox visualization on the site – the information being setup in the treatment profile If you hover your mouse over the basal pillbox you will see current rates of insulin sensitivity,...
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Nightscout in deiner Nähe: Deutschland/Österreich

11 Dec
Auf dem Vormarsch im deutschsprachigen Raum     Die meisten Nutzer von Nightscout sind derzeit im englischsprachigen Raum vorzufinden. Lass dich nicht davon beirren! In letzter Zeit verbreitet sich Nightscout auch in Mitteleuropa. Auf der oben abgebildeten Karte kannst du...
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