Will my ____ phone work?

17 Jul
This guide is no longer current. Please see this list instead. Will my ____ phone work?  Please check this link to see a list of OTG compatible Android devices.  These phones and carriers have been verified to work with Nightscout...
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Funnel Cake (0.8+) Features

3 Sep
The Funnel Cake (0.8+) update to the Nightscout site represents the most substantial update to date and introduces a number of new features to bring increased management and monitoring capabilities to Nightscout. Updating Your Site to Funnel Cake IMPORTANT: Before...
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MongoDB Upgrade to 3.0

11 Sep
What is Happening? All free Sandbox databases running MongoDB 2.6 will be updated to MongoDB 3.0 on September 30, 2015. In order to ensure your Nightscout website continues to work, you may need to take action if any of the...
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Interpreting raw Dexcom data

13 Feb
Introduction This document describes how to understand and interpret raw Dexcom data on your Nightscout website. Raw data can provide additional useful information, but only when properly understood. Make sure you understand what you are looking at before you incorporate...
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Nightscout Care Portal

12 Dec
The Nightscout Care Portal is an optional add-on that provides web-based logging and tracking of your T1Ds diabetes care.  Care Portal treatments show up in the web interface above your BG trend line and are viewable retroactively, and in a...
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Nightscout Near You

1 Jan
We know that the majority of Nightscout users are based in the US and for that reason the website is currently focused on dealing with those users. You will see reference to US specific suppliers and operators and blood units....
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Battery information not updating on website

15 Oct
If your uploader phones battery data is not correctly being displayed on your website and/or Pebble you can fix this by removing records from your mongolab database in the devicestatus collection. If you are running Funnel Cake 0.8.2  you can...
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IFTTT Integration

5 Sep
Note: IFTTT has changed its interface and approach to setting up applets and integration with services. This guide is no longer accurate.   The Funnel Cake (0.8) release of the Nightscout site code brings IFTTT integration to Nightscout users. IFTTT...
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How to Migrate from an Azure-hosted Mongo database

12 Feb
This lab is specifically targeted for Nightscout users with a single website and Mongo database hosted on Azure. There have been numerous outages with Azure-hosted Mongolab servers. Migrating your database away from Azure should reduce your Nightscout downtime. The lab...
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