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This page will take you to the various branches and labs projects currently in place with the Nightscout Project. <h2><span style="color: #ff0000;">YOU USE THESE PROJECTS AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND ARE UNSUPPORTED IN DOING SO. IF YOU USE ONE OF THESE TEST PROJECTS, YOU MUST BE READY TO SUPPORT YOURSELF.</span></h2> <strong>CGM in the Cloud Pebble Watchface – 08-29-2014</strong> Before beginning we recommend that you do the following in order to create the best experience while using the new watchface. <ol> <li>Unload previous watchface</li> <li>Remove pebble app from phone</li> <li>Restart pebble</li> <li>Reinstall Pebble app on phone</li> <li>Install new pbw file</li> </ol> <strong>The following files are available for download:</strong> 1. PBW file – This file is to be opened on your personal phone attached to your Pebble Smartwatch. It will replace the watchface you are currently using. You must have Developer mode enabled on in your pebble app in order to perform the installation. 2. APK file – This is to replace your current NightScout uploader app only if you wish to have the uploader battery information appear on your watchface. It is totally optional. Please remove the previous application from the uploader device before attempting the installation of this file. 3. PDF document – There is one line of code that needs to be changed in your git hub file in order to see the battery information on your watch. This file walks you through that change. <strong>Notes:</strong> <strong>CGM Icon (left) - status of far end</strong> Shows current status of dexcom / uploader. Time shows when watch received the last reading. Icon will cross out when there is a problem. <strong>Phone Icon (right) - status of near end</strong> Shows current status of watch / app / phone. Time shows when watch received last communication to pebble app / phone. Icon will cross out when there is a problem. &nbsp; <a href="">How to add battery level to github cgm-remote-monitor</a> <a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-696 alignleft" src="" alt="watchface3" width="144" height="168" /></a> <strong>Messages</strong> Underneath the BG and arrows / special values, where the BG delta displays, the watch will display messages for additional issues. <ol> <li>NO BLUETOOTH - Will display when the watch has lost bluetooth connection to phone</li> <li>WATCH OFFLINE - Will display when the watch has seen an error communicating with the phone. Note this is different than the phone icon above. Many times the watch does *not* see an error, and when it does not you will be alerted via the phone icon being crossed out.</li> </ol> <strong>How to Fix Issues</strong> Most issues on the Pebble can be resolved by switching watch faces, and switching back. In other cases, restarting the Pebble watch may be needed - hit middle button, settings, shut down. This watchface works for either mmol or mg/dL. Simply choose the radio button  for your selection in the settings for the watchface. If you are using mg/dL your endpoint will  look similar to this <a href="http://nightscout.azurewebsites/pebble">http://nightscout.azurewebsites/pebble</a> for mmol you must add ?units=mmol at the end. Your endpoint will look something like this: <a href="http://nightscout.azurewebsites/pebble?units=mmol">http://nightscout.azurewebsites/pebble?units=mmo</a>l &nbsp;

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