Raw Data With Nightwatch

22 Nov
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Nightwatch can show raw for data coming from NightScout or xDrip.

nw01 nw02 nw03

In order to see a trend, the raw values from the last 15 minutes are shown. There are 3 timeslots accordingly:The rightmost number is not older than 5 minutes, the middle number is between 5 and 10 minutes old, the leftmost number is at least 10 minutes old but not older than 15 minutes.

In case there is no raw value (e.g. share server as data source), no raw value computable (e.g. missing calibration info) or no data at all, the corresponding timeslot will show an “x”.

How to enable raw on Android Wear?
1. Open the Nightwatch Preferences by swiping from the right edge to the left (appstarter) and select the app “Nightw. Prefs”-

2. Enable either “Show Raw” or “Show Raw on ???”

“Show Raw” will always show the raw values.
“Show Raw on ???” will just show raw, if the main value shows “???” (e.g. the dexcom system reckons the signal too noisy to show data).