Troubleshooting REST API Upload Setup

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Troubleshooting REST API Upload Setup
If you have tried to configure REST API and are having problems, see the following tips and reminders: <ul> <li>Make sure you have the proper syntax for your uploader for the BASE URL. <blockquote> xDrip beta or Nightscout Dreamsicle uploader app: https://<span style="color: red;">YOURAPISECRET</span>@<span style="color: red;">YOURSITENAME</span> xDrip original or Nightscout Cookie Monster uploader app: <span style="color: red;">YOURAPISECRET</span>@https://<span style="color: red;">YOURSITENAME</span> </blockquote> </li> <li>Make sure your API_SECRET is 12 characters (at least). Count it.</li> <li>Make sure your API_SECRET in Azure (or Heroku) settings <strong>matches</strong> the secret used in the BASE URL for REST API.</li> <li>Make sure <span style="color: red;">API_SECRET</span> in Azure is spelled correctly.</li> <li>Make sure your API_SECRET variable in Azure is set to type <span style="color: red;">"Custom"</span>.</li> <li>Carefully doublecheck the BASE URL (on the uploader) to ensure there are no spaces or typos.</li> <li>Make sure when you configured the BASE URL you entered your "actual" API SECRET (passphrase) and your "actual" site name, not the sample text.</li> <li>If you are an xdrip user, make sure you are using a beta version. (Version is shown on System Status screen; if you see no version, you have the original xdrip, and the syntax for BASE URL is different. We recommend you update your xdrip.)</li> <li>Make sure you have turned mongodb off on the uploader so that you can tell if the REST API upload is working. (Just flip the switch for mongodb upload to "off.")</li> <li>Make sure you did <strong>not</strong> delete or alter the connection strings in Azure (or Heroku) that are related to mongo. You still need those!</li> </ul> <h2>Raw Data Missing</h2> If you suddenly experience raw data being missing after switching, you most likely need to enter an additional calibration on your Dexcom. <h2>Battery Indicator Problem After Switching to REST API Upload</h2> If you experience a problem with the uploader battery percentage reading on your site after switching to rest, you will need to go into the mongodb, open the <strong>devicestatus</strong> collection, and delete the records. This one-time action should resolve the battery percentage problem. <h2>Make Sure it Works</h2> <strong>Do not make any other changes to your site until you verify that REST API upload works.</strong> It will be much less confusing for you to troubleshoot and correct any problems if this is the "only" change you are making. Once your REST API is properly configured and working, if you begin seeing a problem, pay attention to when the problem happens. Does it happen on wifi? Does it happen on cellular? Isolating any situation is the best way to troubleshoot what may be happening. For full notes on preparing for the Mongo 3 update, which includes detailed information for setting up REST API upload, see <a href="">MongoDB Upgrade to 3.0</a>.

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