Host Nightscout on a Windows Server

9 May
Guides > Labs > Host Nightscout on a Windows Server

For directions to set up your own hosting of the CGM Remote Monitor (Nightscout) on a windows server, see jaylagorio’s Nightscout-on-Windows-Server walkthrough (at GitHub).

“A walk-through showing Nightscout and all of its dependencies and services installed on Windows Server. Most users don’t have the infrastructure to run and maintain Nightscout at home in a way that’s safe and accessible from the Internet. For those users Azure and Hiroku are excellent resources. The goal of this walk through is to install a local instance of Nightscout on Windows Server 2012 R2 and to run it when the server boots, even if a user doesn’t log on. Further, because I already run a front-facing web server, I’ll also detail how to setup a reverse proxy using IIS using my primary web server. The reverse proxy isn’t required but documentation may help someone through a snag or two that I ran into.”

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