Will my ____ phone work?

17 Jul
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This guide is no longer current. Please see this list instead.

Will my ____ phone work? 

Please check this link to see a list of OTG compatible Android devices.  These phones and carriers have been verified to work with Nightscout to upload data.  However, almost any smart phone or other internet-connected device will connect to view the data.

Nightscout OTG Phones

The following is a partial list of phones that are known to not have full OTG capability and will not work with Nightscout. It is vital that the phone have OTG support – if the specifications do not list it as having OTG, then it probably does not have it.  This list does not include all that do not work with Nightscout.  Please use the list of OTG phones above to see if your phone is on the master list.

Partial list of phones that Do Not Work for uploading data.  These phones, as long as they are able to view a web-page, are able to view the Nightscout data (but not be an uploader).


  • Kyocera Hydro
  • Samsung Mini – all models
  • Moto E
  • Straight Talk LG L34C Optimus Fuel
  • LG Realm
  • Blackberry devices
  • iOS devices
  • HTC Desire (versions other than AT&T)
  • Core Prime
  • Droid Bionic
  • Droid Razr Maxx
  • Droid Razr

7 Replies to “Will my ____ phone work?

  1. Is anyone working on an iPhone version? I’ve got some iOS development experience and can try to help if necessary.

  2. Anyone aware of whether the HTC One M8 will work? Only HTC phone I see on the list is Desire. I have seen some reports that the One M8 does have OTG support.

    • The HTC Desire is listed in the group of phones that do not work with Nightscout. Currently, the only phone that is available via retail for under $100 that has full OTG capabilities and will support Nightscout is the Motorola MotoG 1st generation model.

  3. The HTC Desire is on the list of phones that work with Nightscout and the list of phones that don’t work with Nightscout. Someone has offered me a HTC Desire and was wondering if someone could clarify before I accept? Many thanks 🙂

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