What Options Do I Have for Monthly Cell Plans?

10 Sep
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Why do I need a plan?

If your uploader phone will be setup to transmit on wifi ONLY, you do not need a data plan.  However, that is likely not realistic with our busy lifestyles.

Any uploader device that is not strictly transmitting on wifi must have a data plan in order to upload the Dexcom data to the database.  It is your choice of which data plan you want to use.  It is also your choice of the phone to use as the uploader.  You  must make sure that the phone you select will work with the carrier you select.  For example a phone that only works on Verizon will NOT work with Sprint.

United States

The pay-as-you-go plans in the table below work using the noted carrier’s network.  Depending on your budget, you can investigate coverage in your area through these alternative services rather than adding another phone to your personal cell plan.  Adding additional phones to your plan can be more expensive than a pay-as-you-go plan.

The information provided here is not guaranteed to be accurate.  Please do your own research to make sure you have an uploader phone and coverage that will work for you in your area.

For a more comprehensive list of cell phone carriers, check this information on wikipedia.

International Carriers

Click here for a comprehensive list by country of cell phone carriers across Europe.


(estimate only)
Consumer Cellular AT&T  $25/month
Cricket AT&T
Ting Sprint $9/month
Boost Sprint, Verizon, others $40/month or $3/day depending on usage
Verizon Verizon Depends on data use
FreedomPop Clearwire, Sprint
T-mobile T-mobile
US Cellular US Cellular
MetroPCS T-mobile
US Cellular US Cellular
Virgin Mobile Sprint

2 Replies to “What Options Do I Have for Monthly Cell Plans?

  1. We are looking into the Night Scout for our son. I currently do not have a data plan so I’m wandering into new territory. How large a data plan is necessary for a full month of data download? Thank you! -Jeff

    • Nightscout uses less than 100mb per month with typical usage. Depending on your locale, there are several options available to you for monthly plans that are inexpensive.

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