Daylight Saving Fix

14 Mar
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An updated version of the Android uploader app was released that resolves the future data being sent to the CGM remote monitor that is related to the daylight savings time change in March 2015. Please follow these steps:

1) Disconnect the uploader from the Dexcom receiver
2) Correct the time on all devices
3) Wait for a new value on Dexcom receiver
4) Either wait 1 hour or delete readings with future dates from your mongo database
5) Update the uploader app from the google play store (it should be version 0.1.13)
6) Reconnect the Dexcom receiver to the uploader


One Reply to “Daylight Saving Fix”

  1. We live in Oregon and recently went to Germany where we used Nightscout with no problems. There we corrected the Dexcom and our mobiles to local time which was European Summer Time which is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time. However, since returning home and putting the Dexcom and our mobiles back on PDT the download from Azure displays the correct time but says the current glucose level is 9 hours old and draws a line through the number and the graph is about 9 hours behind. I uploaded the latest Community Code and loaded the latest App (Dreamsicle) but that made no difference. How do I fix this? Thanks!

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