Why can I not hear the alarm on my mobile phone?

17 Jul
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Why can I not hear the alarm on my mobile phone?

You need to tap the speaker on the toolbar first in order to enable audio on the mobile device. On an iPhone or iPad, if the screen goes black, the alarms will not sound. Go to Settings-Autolock-Never to keep the screen active.

Instructions for for versions older than 0.3.0 of the site: tap the check music link to the right in the BG.

4 thoughts on “Why can I not hear the alarm on my mobile phone?

  1. Trying to get alarms in my iPhone. When I hit the bell, I get a brief snippet of music only. When I hit the settings icon, it says I don’t have cookies enabled. Suggestions?

    • If you’re seeing the message about cookies not being enabled there are a few possible problems. Your browser might have cookies disabled also on iOS there is a private browsing feature that will cause this. An other possible cause is a failed deployment to azure that can be corrected by re-deploying.

  2. I am also having difficulty getting any of my iOS devices to play any sounds from my Nightscout website. I have tapped the speaker icon in the menu bar and the website registers the tap by highlighting the icon, but nothing happens. Should there be a tone or visual feedback when this icon is pressed? I don’t receive any errors, but I also don’t get any sounds or alarms from Nightscout.

    Is there a Safari setting or other iPhone / iPad setting that I am missing? The devices correctly play sounds for OS events such as new texts, phone calls, and other notifications.

    Thanks for any help you can provide. I am happy to help troubleshoot from my end if there is anything I can do.

    • The only iOS browser we have confirmed works consistently to alarm is Puffiin. The issues you are experiencing are known to the development team, but have not been overcome, yet.

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