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20 Feb
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As of February 11th, 2015 some Boost Mobile Moto G phones can no longer be activated on Ting Wireless.  Check with Ting before purchasing a specific phone to verify it works on their network.

Ting is now selling the same phone (refurbished) through their website for less than $100.  It can be activated on the Ting network.


Existing Users

If you are a current Nightscout user with Boost Mobile Moto G uploaders, the following information applies.

  • If your Boost Moto G is activated on Ting Wireless, it will continue to work as long as the phone remains active on Ting.  If you deactivate the phone from your Ting account, it cannot be reactivated on Ting.
  • If your Boost Moto G is not currently activated on Ting Wireless, it cannot be activated on Ting Wireless.  Your phone can be activated on Boost Wireless (expensive) or be used as a WiFi only uploader.  If you activate your phone on Boost for one year, you will then be able to move it to another MVNO such as Ting Wireless.
  • If you are looking to sell a Boost Mobile Moto G phone currently used on Ting Wireless, the new user will not be able to activate it on Ting Wireless.


More Information

Read more about Ting Wireless in the Nightscout Ting Wireless FAQ

The Boost Mobile Moto G phone has been one of the most popular uploader phones for Nightscout.  The Moto G is a low cost Android phone with OTG support.  Most people with Boost Moto Gs activated the phone on Ting Wireless or FreedomPop.  This provided a low cost phone and data plan.