Uploader & Phone Questions

24 Oct

2 Replies to “Uploader & Phone Questions

  1. Everything in the setup was working great until I got to the final step. I pushed the browse button and the webpage didn’t come up.

    When I plug in my phone to my cell phone, the numbers come through perfectly. So I checked the Mongolab (which was working great) stopped receiving documents and this warning showed up on the status page:

    Databases: Issue with a Sandbox host in Azure WestUS
    impacts ds050077, ds041177, ds052827, ds050087, ds052837, ds030817, ds048537, ds030827
    One of our virtual machines in Azure West US running Sandbox plan deployments has suddenly become unreachable. We are actively working to restore services to it now.

    My number is in there.

    Any ideas on how to rectify my problem?

    Thank you very much.


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