2 Replies to “My Mongolab collection has no documents

  1. Hi we love all the effort you apply to this life saving movement of the people! We have encountered an issue that is not resolving even after following the instructions on “my mongolab has no documents”

    My wife was tinkering with the rig’s phone and tablet yesterday and shortly after that we have been unable to obtain live stream on any device (pebble, laptop, cell ). All icons are green on the tablet, rig is nice and tight as usual. I did delete all documents on the collection last night prior to loss of data..this deletion was supposedly recommended in attempt to clear unnecessary documents?

    Kindly advise.

    • Dennis – these forums are not monitored regularly. The CGM in the Cloud group on Facebook is very active and everyone there is very helpful. I hope you were able to find the answer to your issue.

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