Glossary of Techie Terms

5 Sep
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Azure Website: a website hosting service that allows you to view the Dexcom values on a website.  You will create your own personal website as part of the install process.  The website will then be accessed after the install process has been completed by going to your personal URL.  It will resemble this format:

Cloud: a repository or database that is located on the internet, making the data available to those with the correct security rights and address (URL) of the database.  For this project, each installation of the software has its own database on the cloud.  This is how you view the data for the T1 that is being tracked.  The data is not shared with others unless  you give them access; the website is not password protected and is not secure.

Dexcom G4 (Platinum, in the U.S.) receiver:  the Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM) utilizes a sensor that is inserted subcutaneously into a person.  The sensor reads the glucose level of the interstitial fluid (it does not read blood glucose levels).  The sensor sends the reading to the Receiver approximately every 5 minutes.  The Receiver stores those readings in its memory so they can be accessed by various computer programs including the Dexcom Studio and the Nightscout software.

MongoLab Database Repository: A cloud-based database that stores the glucose values of the Dexcom receiver.  The uploader/smartphone that is hooked to the Dexcom receiver automatically sends the glucose values to this database so that you can see the graph on your azure website.

OTG:  On-the-Go technology. USB OTG technology allows individual components to be connected to each other without the need for each device to be connected to a computer.  The OTG cable that is required for the Rig acts as the translator between the devices.  At least one of the devices connected must be OTG compatible.

Smartphone: a phone that can be connected to the internet and can run applications (apps) that perform various functions.  For the Nightscout software the smartphone is attached to the Dexcom receiver to transmit data to the cloud.  Transmitting data is the phone’s only purpose.  As of this date (September 5, 2014) only phones/devices that use the Android operating system running version 4.x or higher along with being OTG capable are able to transmit Dexcom data to the cloud.  Development is in progress to be able to send data via iOS.


Any smartphone or device (iPhone, tablet, iPad, kindle, PC, iMac, etc) that can access the internet to see webpages can access and view the CGM data of the person you are following.