What do the DIY Support Error Codes Mean?

25 Aug
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The DIY Support system is designed to return an error code at each possible end point. These codes are:

  1. An Error with OTG Functionality, including a bad cable, or possibly a phone that does not support OTG.
  2. Error with network connection indicating that the phone does not seem to be reaching the internet.
  3. Errors with the Nightscout App Mongolab Strings on the Android Phone
  4. Errors with the Azure deployment of GitHub
  5. Errors with the MONGO string in Azure (NOT the Collection)
  6. Errors with the MONGO_COLLECTION string in Azure, NOT the MONGO
  7. Nightscout Remote Monitor has not been deployed to Azure
  8. Azure use has gone over one of the daily caps
  9. Errors with the Nightscout app and firewalls. Typically the wifi needs to open up the mongolab port.
  10. The Dexcom G4 does not have enough data to properly download to the Android app (Approximately 15 minutes or 3 readings worth.)

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