My Website Shows “1 Minute Ago” or “1 Hour Ago”

8 Nov
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First, check your Mongo collection to verify that records are currently loading into the database.  If not, STOP HERE, and fix your internet connection.

The time indicator of 1 Minute Ago indicates that the mongoDB has a record in it with an out-of-sequence date/time.  This is not uncommon.

A time indicator of 1 hour ago may be related to a time zone issue.

Follow these steps to fix the issue.

    1. First make sure the year, month, day and time match on Dex and phone.
    2. Double check the TIME ZONE setting.  If the auto-time zone setting is on, turn it off, then select a city in your time zone.  If possible, do not select your time zone, but a city in your time zone.
    3. If it is set to auto-select the time, turn it OFF and set the time manually.
    4. Reboot your phone.

Is it fixed now?  If not, proceed.

  1. Stop the Nightscout uploader app.  (If your version of Nightscout is older than Cookie Monster, turn off the 2 day preference first. Also, consider updating to Cookie Monster.)
  2. Disconnect the uploader phone from the Dex by unplugging the cable in the phone.
  3. Shut down the uploader phone.
  4. Shut down dex (but don’t stop the sensor).
  5. Login to mongolab and select your database.
  6. Click on your collection name,
  7. Choose the button to “delete all documents” in the upper right corner.  Confirm that you want to delete them all.
  8. Plug the cables back in and start up the phone.
  9. Dex should start up automatically. Then Nightscout should start automatically.
  10. Wait about 15 minutes for the phone to upload enough data for it to show on your website.
  11. If your website is still not showing current data, log into your Azure account.  Click into the Portal, click on your website name, then click on Restart Site at the bottom of the screen.  Wait a few minutes and you’ll see a confirmation at the bottom of the screen that the restart was successful.
  12. Check your website for current data.

Did it correct itself?  If not, please post a help request on the Facebook page with as much detail as possible, including a description of the original issue and the steps you’ve taken to resolve it.