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7 Nov
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First make sure the year, month, day and time match on dex and phone.

If you are using Funnel Cake 0.8.2 and above then you can use the Funnel Cake Admin tool to remove future records.

If your Nightscout website is version 0.8.1 and below and you do not wish to update then do these steps:

1.) Check that the date/time/year matches on all devices and that the timezone is correct on the uploader phone*
2.) Shut down dex (but don’t stop the sensor).
3.) Disconnect the dex from the phone.
4.) Login to mongolab and select your database.
5.) Select your collection, attempt to find and remove the few bad entries (as a last resort if you can’t get any help and don’t value your historical data, you can choose delete all documents).
6.) Plug the cables back in and start up your phone. Dex should start up autonatically. Then nightscout should start automatically.
7.) Wait about 15 minutes for the phone to upload enough data for it to show on your website.

* For Brownie (not applicable for Cookie Monster or Dreamsicle): Turn off the 2 day preference in nightscout, then stop nightscout.

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  1. Thanks for solving this peculiar and resistant problem, blocking the function of our night scout totally . I first deleted the documents in the main database but later realized that the documents in “devicestatus” collection also needed to be deleted. You could maybe add that all documents in the different folders need to be wiped out.
    Now we can finally start using nightspot again! Phu… And thanks again!

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