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2 May
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Please carefully check your Azure site after setting up. You need to convert to Pay-As-You-Go before your 30-day free trial ends, but there are additional steps to take to make sure your account is properly configured and to avoid Azure charges.

  1. Follow these directions, using the old Azure interface, to convert to Pay-As-You-Go.
  2. Once your have switched to Pay-As-You-Go, return to the new Azure portal.
  3. Click your site name to open the site information.
  4. On the main screen, you should see “Essentials” information that resembles the following screenshot.

  5. Under “Subscription Name,” you should see Pay-As-You-Go (see above image)
  6. Under “App Service Plan/Pricing Tier,” you should see Free.
  7. If you do not see Free for the “Pricing Tier,” you need to change the “Pricing Tier” to avoid being charged.
  8. To change the “Pricing Tier,” click the current tier to open the “Pricing Tier” panel. (A “Settings” panel will also open.)
  9. On the “Settings” panel for the “Pricing Tier,” click “Scale Up” under “App Service Plan.” (Does yours say something different? Let us know!)

  10. The “Choose Your Pricing Tier” panel will open.
  11. Scroll down to find the Free option. (Note: If you do not see it, click the “View All” link to reveal all Pricing Tier options.)
  12. Click Select to save your choice.
  13. Return to the dashboard for the site and verify that the “Pricing Tier” reflects the free level.

Always On

Note: If you run into a problem when trying to change to Pay-As-You-Go because your site is “Always On,” return to the Application Settings screen for your site.

Near the top, under “General Settings,” ensure “Always On” is clicked to off.


Click “Save” at the top to save your change.

Try again to make the necessary changes to switch to Pay-As-You-Go and the free Pricing Tier.

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