17 Jul
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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

We try to hit the big ones below, but if there’s something you feel like we need to add, please leave a comment!

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  1. I love what has been done with this so far. Just a thought – why am I envisioning a battery powered bluetooth device hooked to the G4 reader that takes the place of the cable to the android phone – so a person could just have an untethered phone on their side with bluetooth enabled and receive a signal from the device every five minutes or so? The person could just have a regular phone that was displaying/transmitting the data without the wire? This probably isn’t easy to do – just a thought.

    • Bluetooth isn’t set up to act as a host in order to grab the data off the receiver to send it to the Db. The receiver does not have that ability to “talk” to anything. Ergo, the uploader device.

      • This may be doable with a small Bluetooth host board and small battery to add onto the Dexcom. It would require a change to the nightscout host app to get data from the android’s Bluetooth. This would solve the charging while transmitting issue.
        I’m no EE, but I am an ME so if this does progress I’d happily lay out the mechanical design for the add on to the Dexcom. It could be printable or possibly a cheap injection mold could be made based on how many people would want it. I know my son wants the receiver to stay small enough to be in his pocket,

        • You can join the conversation on github and gitter with the developers. I don’t know enough to advise one way or the other and I’m sure your contributions could help!

  2. My daughter is 11 years old she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 5. I love the idea of the night scout and am wondering how I can obtain one? Thank you Kristen Rasmussen

    • Kristin: Welcome to Nightscout. I hope you were able to find the CGM in the Cloud group on Facebook for a community of users. The full instructions are here on this site.

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