Nightscout and Garmin

6 Oct
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Documentation provided by Robert Newby

There are multiple Garmin options for Nightscout apps.


Log into the garmin app store and download the app you want. All current options require a NightScout site.

Configure the App

[The following directions provided by Robert Newby document setup for apps by Andreas-May or Phimby.]

Both apps need to have their settings updated in the Garmin Connect Mobile app. To do this:

  • Go to the GCM app menu > Garmin Devices > [watch/computer name] > Connect iQ Apps >
  • Find the app or widget you want to change the settings and update the settings.

The apps created by Andreas-May all require settings for the mongo db connection details, and data may still pass through his server. These apps require the following information, all of which is available by logging into mLab:

  • mLab API Key – click on your user name in the top right of Mlab
  • mLab database name – click on MLab in the top left, then on the database listed. The database name is displayed in the top left Database Name: …….
  • mLab collection name – on the database screen you should see the list of collections. Nightscout instructions use “entries” as a default, but your collection name might be something else.

Make sure you save the settings. Repeat for each of Andreas-May’ apps.

The apps created by Phimby require Nightscout site settings. The data is pulled straight from a Nightscout site. You have to set the following settings on the GCM app on the phone:

  • Sitename – your site name, e.g., mysitename (the Azure/Heroku portion is added separately)
  • Units – a drop-down menu to choose between mmol/L and mg/dL

You can change a few more settings on Phimby’s app on the watch either by pressing the menu button or holding the Up button if there is no Menu button. This is where you can specify Heroku, if needed.

Nightscout Sport can also have a session recorded, and there is a menu item to change the sport between running and cycling.


Both developers have developed their apps for their use and published them for others. No support is offered, but in the Garmin app store it is possible to send an email to the developers.