Nightscout Cheat Sheet (Links)



T1 Support Groups

You’ll need many of these links to get your Nightscout rig up and running:

  • Nightscout Getting Started Guide The current walkthrough for building your rig. Start here first!
  • Nightscout on GitHub Contains the code to upload your CGM data via an Android device.
  • MongoLab You’ll need to set up a new account and database here to store your uploaded data.
  • Android Studio You need to compile the uploader application using this piece.
  • Oracle Java Development Kit You’ll probably need this to get the Android Studio working properly.
  • Microsoft Azure You’ll need to set up a Microsoft Account and create a new Azure portal to display your data.
  • Pebble Watches If you want to see the CGM number and trend on your wrist, you’ll need a Pebble Watch.

Want to just know more about the project? Get involved?

Type 1 Support Groups and other Helpful Links on the Web and Facebook

Some are open, some are closed, but we suggest you give them a visit if you are looking for broader T1 Support.

If you see one missing, leave a comment!

(Updated 10/6/2014 and previous comments removed!)

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  1. Park City, UT is onboard! We recently had an article in the Park Record newspaper, made shirts for our JDRF walk and had a spot on FOX News sharing this amazing technology.

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