Putting a Share Backup in Place

26 Sep

A Share Strategy During the Mlab Update An unexpected problem with my Nightscout site leads me to put an added safety net in place before this week’s maintenance window begins. When I used to teach college-level English 101, “red herring” … Read More »

Be Ready for the Mongo 3.2 Update

26 Sep

The Mlab update of sandbox dbs to 3.2 begins Tuesday, September 27. See this resource for action steps you may need to take before the update and for guidance regarding steps that may be required after the update.

What Nightscout Offers

21 Mar

The following diagram illustrates some of the many features a Nightscout installation offers. Many times people new to CGM ask, “What’s the difference between the off-the-shelf software and Nightscout?” Some people say that you only need Nightscout if you want … Read More »

What’s On a Nightscout Site?

16 Sep

The following diagram shows features of a Nightscout site. Elements shown in dark orange are new (or were updated/enhanced) in Funnel Cake 0.8. (Click image to view full size.) To learn more about Funnel Cake, view Funnel Cake (0.8) Features.

Options for CGM in the Cloud

25 Jul

Do you have questions about getting your CGM data in the cloud? The “How Do You Get Your CGM in the Cloud” chart can help you evaluate your options. Options are available for both Android and iOS uploaders, depending on … Read More »