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Does the Dexcom show a charging icon when you have it hooked in to your Android phone?  It is shown here at initial startup and after the large green charging icon goes away.








Please don’t leave a comment here if you still have issues. Go to Facebook and create a post, but be sure to include your error code!

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  1. I am trying to set up Nightscout and went through the Troubleshooting and got Error Code 1. One possibility is that the phone is not fully OTG compatible. It is a Droid Mini from Verizon. Has anyone used this phone successfully? One frustration I have with the system is that I cannot find a list of phones which work.

  2. I have the “free” verizon ellipsis 7. I have followed every tutorial and instruction to a T. Is this device jot compatible with nightscout?!?

  3. I was wondering if there is a way to have the CGM stay connected to the phone while it charges at night. More specifically, is there a way to split the single port on my phone into two with a type of splitter? Thanks for your time. I hope to hear back soon.

  4. The nightscout rig works in my house and my son’s house. It does not work at my 4yr old granddaughter’s day school. The android is good but no data on azure/remote device
    What should my troubleshooting steps be?
    Thank you,
    David Schiff

    • David: There are MANY with this same issue that have posted over on the Facebook page. You can ask about solutions there or you can search the previous posts. It has to do with the school’s secure network and working with the school IT department to get connected. I know you’ll figure it out!

  5. Hi There,

    Everything works nicely. Great videos..

    Question for you…

    Using factory reset HTC ONE and nothing running other then NightScout and the processes needed by Android..
    I get success running Nightscout, but what I have found is that it stops COLLECTING from the receiver after an certain amount of time. No consistency in how long it will run then stop..over night it ran from midnight to 5 with no issues…then just stopped…Uploader is Green and states CGM Service started..but the time stamp is from the last time it successfully collected from the Dex…

    There were no wireless or cell interruptions in this example..Meaning WiFi never went down..and even if it did the phone will shift to cell…

    Any suggestions would be swell.


    PS. As I typed this my daughter came back with this issue again. She was out walking and the uploader just stopped working..Cables taped so no cable issues..

    • There are settings deep inside the wifi settings of Android phones that may or may not affect your phone not staying connected.

      Go through Settings, Wifi, click on the 3 dots vertical menu (maybe in lower right of screen), click Advanced.

      Make sure that “Keep Wifi ON during Sleep” is selected

      • Hi Gail,

        Thnxs for the reply. Keep WiFi on is..well, on! ha

        I am finding the communication between the phone and the receiver is inconsistent at best. Im not really sure what to do at this point to ensure the uploader and receiver communicate as you guys designed it to. I’ve factory reset the phone, check Sleep settings, reinstalled the uploader…and same inconsistent outcome.

        Again, thnxs very much for your reply. This solution is is pizza day at my daughters school, so high carb lunch, I’ve been getting updates on my daughters number via text. The web page is 4 hours old! just stopped again around 10:00 this AM..Grrr…

        Thnxs again..I’m gonna keep peeling back the onion to see if i can figure this out…


    • Patty: please read through the home page of this site ( We do not sell Nightscout – it is a completely do-it-yourself system that you will make yourself following the directions we provide. For more answers to your questions, please visit the Facebook group “CGM in the Cloud”.
      Good luck!

  6. I just switched fro sprint to AT&T as the cellphone provider for the Nightscout rig. I have the identical phone and everything shows up perfect except now my pebble reads error instead of a glucose reading. The change in mg/dl shows the time since last reading shows and the ok next to the phone is the as well as the date and time and my sons cgm name. I just can’t see his actual reading from the rig. Nothing is different except I changed from sprint to at&t. Anybody have any ideas?

    • Sean:
      I suggest you join the Facebook Group “CGM in the Cloud” and ask for assistance in that group by posting your question there. The group is very active and has experts on call around-the-clock to assist you.

      Good luck!

  7. I am having an issue with my daughter’s nightscout. It will read all the time but the minute she gets into the school it stops. it shows her number with a line through it. we have checked the Wi-Fi and she is connected, so what else could be wrong. also her phone keeps saying that the times on the nightscout and the dexcom do not match, they are off by like seconds. I change the times to match and it still does it. in need of help

  8. I am trying to get setup and our MOTO G will read the blood Sugar in the app but will not
    upload. The 4 green icons at the bottom are all green except upload is red. I am pending on the night scout cgm group… Can anyone help me??

    • April – I’m hoping you are already part of the CGM in the Cloud group and have found a solution to your issue. We don’t monitor the forum here as much as the FB group is monitored; my apologies for not seeing your message until just now.

  9. Hi. I am trying to get my nightscout rig up and working and have everything except the usb cable. The cable will be here in a couple of days. I have already done the setup with mongo, github, and azure by following the install guides. At this point when I try to pull up my azure website it only shows a blank white screen…? Is this normal if I have not connected my dexcom to my phone yet? I would have thought the website would at least show a black dex looking screen with no data points..? Please help as I do not use facebook. Thanks.

    • Heath: These comments are not monitored very often. My apologies for the late response.
      The issue that you are seeing (the white screen) is because the Mongo URI that you entered into the Azure site settings is incorrect. Maybe sure that you have set the type to CUSTOM and that you have looked at each and every character of the string to make sure there are absolutely no typos. I’ve seen extra “/” and spaces and auto-corrections that will render the connection unable to connect.

    • I seem to be having the same issues. I have double check my Mongo URI and made sure it is the same as the settings I have on Mongo as well as the phone. I show that it is uploading data to the website just fine but on my website with azure I get a blank white website. This seems like its some setting that I have configured incorrectly but after triple checking everything it still is blank.

      Any help would be very appreciated.


      • Colby: my apologies for the late response. The best place to get answers is in the Facebook group: CGM in the Cloud.

        Let us know if you need additional resources!
        -gail deVore

  10. Mid morning our moto g dex rig stopped working and the icon for nightscout is gone. I restarted the phone and it opened to a new version of the uploaded app but the app icon is gone and once the s teen sleeps I can’t find it to open. It is also not uploading to the cloud now.

    • Chad – my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The best place to ask for help with your Nightscout rig is the CGM in the Cloud group on Facebook:

      There is a dedicated team of expert support members who can help you whenever you need it. While they are all volunteers, they are organized so that there is always someone available 24/7.

      Thanks for your support here!

      gail deVore

  11. I just went through the process of upgrading the Azure/Web Application from a very old version (~1 year old). I had previously upgraded the Android Uploader App and it was working fine with my old site – although I had to turn off some of the newer logging options.

    Well the upgrade process seemed to go fine and much easier than a year ago but when I went to test my site all I got was a black screen with 2 lines of white dashes in the upper left corner. The results were identical for both IE and Chrome.

    After some research and trial and error I discovered that any browser I had used previously against the old site had to have cache cleared. Once I did this the new site came up just fine.

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